Split w/ The Prophet Nathan

by Gnarwhal

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Recorded by a God among men named Shibby Poole in December 2012

This is the other band they are really cool.


released November 8, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Gerald
Start planning for the rest of your life now
Sounds like a good idea
Gerald told me that he thinks that I'm smart
This isn't right it couldn't be

I've never even been to California
So let's move deeper into Tennessee
Gerald told me that I'm worth some money
I've seen this all before.
Track Name: Found It
If I'm still alive
Rescue my body
Don't let me die
Let me be free

If I'm still alive
Rescue my body
Let me walk again

Don't let me be not worth it
I'm not worth your time

I can't believe that I'm still here and I can't believe that I've been found.